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Dedicated Infrastructure
With dedicated infrastrucure, you get oobyMetrics' technology platform running exclusively for you and tailored to your needs. From edge servers to an optimized data warehouse, you get our entire technology platform replicated and dedicated to your business. As you increase traffic, our system auto-scales to meet your demand. We are able to provide you with real-time processing, as our ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Module is able to effciently store your hits in your data warehouse. With high-traffic sites and large sums spent on digital advertising channels, timely feedback is critical.
Shared Infrastructure
Leveraging the power of shared resources, the oobyMetrics' technology platform is designed to provide your business the digital marketing attribution you need - at a faction of the cost. On our shared infrastructure, your data remains private to your business and can be transitioned into our dedicated infrastructure if desired.

Professional Services

When you sign up for oobyMetrics, our Customer Engineers are on hand to ensure your success. Our Engineering team has worked hard to create the easiest implemenation possible and will work closely with you to get up and running quickly.
Business Intelligence
Leveraging the power of oobyMetrics with open source programming languages like R and Python, the Business Intelligence team can help you tackle your toughest attribution challenges.