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The Logical Approach to Attribution Modeling

A quick search on Google will quickly reveal that most ecommerce business owners have at least heard of digital marketing attribution modeling - and of those, the majority are pretty sure it's a solid idea. They're right. With the help of attribution modeling, business leaders and marketing departments are able to identify which of their marketing campaigns champion the largest return on investment (or in this case, ad spend), instead of merely measuring the number of clicks on their website.

Unfortunately, even the business leaders who understand the importance of marketing attribution have expressed a few concerns across the board, including: difficulty getting started, trouble understanding the process, and the high costs associated with the services.

Breathe! oobyMetrics has heard you and wants to help!

We make getting started easy. First, we're going to have you pop a bit of code on your website. We have a nifty little file that you can just send to your web developer or if you use Google Analytics, you just copy and paste the new piece of code. Boop! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

While your new code generates data and turns those numbers into beautiful little graphs (they remind me of Samoa Girl Scout cookies, some would argue donuts, but to each their own), let's talk attribution models. If you're familiar with attribution models, awesome! If not, you can download a crash course, here. oobyMetrics offers users six of the most commonly referenced attribution models as part of our standard reporting package, however we are always happy to work with companies on custom projects that might best meet their unique needs.

Woah - did you catch that? At oobyMetrics, we are all about customer service and making sure you're not only thrilled with our product - but we want to be sure you know how to use it! If you ever find yourself confused by what you see, send us a message. We want your data to work for you!

oobyMetrics was founded by a couple of down to earth humans from the marketing realm who think attribution should be available, attainable, and affordable - while remaining incredibly high quality. We'd be happy to show you around, talk more about attribution, and get to know you better during a tour - or you can get started here!

At the end of the day, we're just good group of people who play very well with numbers.