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6 Reasons to Love oobyMetrics

1. Easy as pie (charts).

There is a ridiculous amount of research that proves people know marketing attribution is a great idea, but they think it's a massive undertaking. FALSE. We'll admit it's more like baking a pie from scratch than popping a frozen one in the oven... but you can totally do it! With a quick copy and paste, you are on your way to collecting, processing, and basing decisions on some seriously meaningful data.

2. Education-minded.

We want you to be an oobyMetrics expert! Get in a jam? No problem! Send a quick message over to our Business Intelligence Analysts and we'll be happy to walk you through your metrics! We want oobyMetrics to be a useful tool - not some whatchamacallit sitting in your marketing toolbox. Use it!

3. Scalable and customizable solutions.

Seriously. This. Is. Everything. We absolutely LOVE being able to take on clients of all sizes! From small businesses with 1,000 hits a month to large corporations that need a stand-alone solution with custom attribution models, we can tailor a unique plan to fit your needs. And pricing? It's going to make you smile.

4. Mean pricing - but not the angry kind.

We're talking averages - and that's a game changer! Why on earth would we expect you to pay surge month pricing year round? And to budget for that is always super annoying. As a business, we understand it's easier to plan ahead for expenses. Let's just make oobyMetrics a simple line item for you to calculate.

5. Continuously improving.

Our think tank is in perpetual motion and we are in a constant state of creation. New products and features are currently in development. Our goal is to offer our clients innovative tools to grow their brand, increase conversions, and streamline their marketing efforts as they propel their businesses into the future.

6. Awesome people and their dogs.

The world of data can be so isolating, but at oobyMetrics we like our clients to know they are never alone! Our company was founded by humans who love to connect with others, share ideas, and truly pride themselves in helping others succeed. Our office dogs send good vibes from the sidelines. At oobyMetrics, we believe in working as a team to help our clients succeed. Your success is our greatest joy!